2010 membership drive a great success

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Thanks to great organizing and outreach by our AAJA Seattle board and volunteers, we ended our 2010 membership drive on March 31 with 87 members! Last year we had 83 members. This growth is truly an accomplishment, especially at a time when organizations like ours are struggling to maintain their membership levels.

I expect membership will tick up further as the National Convention in Los Angeles approaches. Early bird registration deadline is April 16!

To join or renew, visit AAJA’s membership page. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@aajaseattle) and on Facebook.

We have events every month and fellowships and scholarships to support your career goals. We also have an incredible community; just come to one of our events and see for yourself. We are always open to your feedback and ideas.

Here is a list of our 2010 members as of March 31. Thanks again for supporting AAJA’s mission and our chapter!

Byron Acohido
Sanjay Bhatt
Frank Blethen
Ryan Blethen
David Boardman
Paula Bock
Venice Buhain
Brent Champaco
Aldo Chan
Sharon Pian Chan
Athima Chansanchai
Brian Chin
Shawn Chitnis
Tiffany Chong
Katelin Chow
Jocelyn Chui
Nicole Ciridon
Carina del Rosario
Reiko Endo
Michael Fancher
Patricia Foote
Myriam Gabriel-Pollock
Karen Gaudette
Shalini Gujavarty
Susan Han
Candace Heckman
Kristi Heim
Mai Hoang
Gregory Huang
Carolyn Huynh
Naomi Ishisaka
Karen Johnson
Mimi Jung
Ranny Kang
Christine Kim
Doug Kim
Yong Kim
Cathy Kiyomura
Yuko Kodama
Sonia Krishnan
Yoko Kuramoto-Eidsmoe
Hien Le
Owen Lei
Caroline Li
Eric Liu
Marian Liu
Sam Louie
Alex MacLeod
Sharon Maeda
Mark Malijan
Lori Matsukawa
Glenn Nelson
Assunta Ng
Danny O’Neil
Samantha Pak
Sona Patel
Gerald Patriarca
Julie Pham
DaoAnh Relyea
Margaret Santjer
Peter Sessum
Mai Ling Slaughter
Ernest Sotomayor
Alex Stonehill
Eddie Suguro
James Tabafunda
Calvin Tang
Terry Tazioli
Valerie Topacio
Nicole Tsong
Janet Tu
Lori Uno
Joaquin Uy
Ava Van
Tan Vinh
Sarah Wallace
Deborah Wang
Mark Watanabe
John White
Christina Wong
Nicholas Wong
Rita Wong
Tanya Woo
Sunny Wu
Jadine Ying
Teresa Yuan
David Zeeck

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