AAJA Seattle board elections are here!

It’s time for the chapter to elect new board members for 2016!

There are four seats up for election, all of which are two-year terms, effective Jan. 1, 2016:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Vice President of Programming
  • National Board Representative

Serving on the chapter board is an important way for you to demonstrate your leadership (a key skill many employers look for), give back to this organization and support your fellow members.

Chapter Secretary Samantha Pak will oversee our elections, which will be from Sept. 20-26. Our national office will receive the names of our 2016 chapter board members by Nov. 1.


Who’s eligible to run and vote?

Anyone whose 2015 membership dues are current as of Sept. 18 and is a Full Member. This means those who receive the majority of their income from or spend the majority of their work time in journalistic work (including freelance), those unemployed members between journalism jobs, or those who have left journalism but were AAJA members and journalists for five or more consecutive years. Associate, Student and Retired members are NOT eligible to run or vote.***

***The only exception is for those running for Treasurer. Treasurer candidates can be Associate Members.***

What is the time commitment?

The board meets at least four times a year to discuss chapter business and plan our two marquee events: Lunar New Year Banquet & Silent Auction (late January/early February) and the Northwest Journalists of Color Scholarship Reception (early June). Board members are expected to participate in these meetings (generally an hour or two) and these two events.

What are you looking for in board members?

Each board seat has distinct responsibilities, which makes it easier for the group to delegate tasks and for individuals to figure out what fits their skills and talents. Of course, the board can decide to change these duties to fit the needs of the group and the chapter.

Current position openings are italicized.

President (seat open in 2016): This person is responsible for the overall health of the chapter and represents the chapter at the National Convention and in the Seattle community. Typical duties: Facilitating board meetings, managing relationships with other organizations and speaking on AAJA Seattle’s behalf in the community.

Vice President, Programs (seat open in 2016): This person is responsible for the Northwest Journalists of Color Scholarship outreach efforts, judging and reception.

Vice president, Events (seat open in 2017): This person is responsible for the Lunar New Year Banquet & Silent Auction. This person also could organize the summer BBQ, social outings and happy hour mixers.

Secretary (seat open in 2016): This person is responsible for the chapter board’s official minutes and elections. This person also could be the group’s social media manager.

Treasurer (seat open in 2017): This person is responsible for managing the chapter’s finances and complying with National’s rules on bookkeeping. This is the only board position that can be held by someone other than a Full Member, i.e. Associate or Retired Members.

National Board Representative (seat open in 2016): This person is responsible for soliciting input from the local board on issues coming to a vote before the National board and reporting back to the local board. This person is required to represent the chapter at the National Convention.

Sept. 18 is the filing deadline to register your interest in running for a chapter board seat. Send an email to chapter Secretary Samantha Pak at sammipak@gmail.com, including your name, job title, company and a brief statement (no more than 250 words) on why you’re running.


You can also contact Samantha if you want to nominate someone who you think would be a good fit for President, Vice President, Programs, Secretary or National Board Representative and she will contact that person to see if he or she is interested.

Sept. 26 will be the deadline for casting your ballots. As in previous elections, you will receive a ballot electronically.

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