AAJA Seattle needs your input. Please vote!

The AAJA Seattle chapter board is considering a change to the local chapter structure. On Sunday, full chapter members will receive a Survey Monkey ballot in their e-mail to vote on this proposed change.

The current board structure is composed of up to six voting members, each serving two-year terms:

  • Co-president for print
  • Co-president for broadcast
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • National Board Rep (two, if the chapter has 100 members at the census which runs every odd year)

The new configuration would be composed of up to seven voting members, each serving two-year terms:

  • President
  • Vice president for member programs (would be responsible for NJC, mentoring, professional workshops)
  • Vice president for events (would be responsible for Lunar New Year, social mixers, and social networking)
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • National Board Rep(s)

The vice presidents would run for two year terms which would be staggered.

The board proposes this change for the long-term stability of the chapter. We believe this change brings our board structure more in line with the boards of other professional associations and other chapters, improves continuity of leadership and increases the transparency of our operations.

But the members have the last word on whether to adopt this change. The ballot will close by Sept. 23. If you didn’t receive a ballot or if you have any questions, please contact Seattle chapter secretary Venice Buhain at vbuhain@theolympian.com or Sanjay Bhatt, co-president for print, at sbhatt@seattletimes.com. Feel free to discuss the proposal in the comments section below!

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