AAJA Seattle votes for change — and now we need leaders!

The AAJA Seattle chapter board recently had our full members vote on a proposed change to the structure of the board.

The full members who voted approved the proposed change 17-1. Starting in 2010, our new chapter board configuration will be the following:

Up to seven voting members, each serving two-year terms:
– President
– Vice president for member programs (would be responsible for NJC, mentoring, professional workshops)
– Vice president for events (would be responsible for Lunar New Year, social mixers, and social networking)
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– National Board Rep(s)

The vice presidents would run for two year terms which would be staggered.

Now, we need people to fill these positions. We are taking nominations for the following positions:
– President
– Vice President for Member Programs
– Vice President for Events
– Secretary
– National board representative

The people who hold all these board positions need to be full members of the Seattle chapter of AAJA as of 2009.

To nominate someone or yourself for one of these positions, please send a nomination to AAJA Seattle’s e-mail account at aajaseattle@gmail.com. You also can use that e-mail to send any questions about the positions and their duties. We’d like to hear from people interested in these positions by Oct. 6.

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