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Calling all nominees for AAJA Seattle elections!

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Our AAJA Seattle chapter elections are nearly here. This year, we’ll be voting for:

– Chapter President*
– Chapter Secretary
– National Advisory Board Representative

Know someone you’d like to nominate? Let us know by emailing aajaseattle@gmail.com by next Monday, Oct. 9. We’ll send out ballots the following Friday.

*See below for details on job duties.


According to AAJA Bylaws, Article X, Section 3, the president will oversee all activities of the chapter and will act as its chief executive officer.

This position runs board meetings, ensures that chapter business and programs are conducted throughout the two-year term and acts as the local representative for the chapter.

This is a two-year term that starts January 2018 and ends December 2019.



According to the AAJA Bylaws, Article X, Section 3, The secretary will be responsible for making and maintaining meeting minutes and documentation of other chapter activities.

This position also involves managing chapter communications, including the email mailing list, social media accounts and the website.

This is a two-year term that starts January 2018 and ends December 2019.


National Advisory Board Representative:

According to AAJA Bylaws, Article III, Section 4, each chapter shall have one representative on the Advisory Board.

The national advisory board representative is involved in the creation and impelementation of national programs and policies. This position requires travel to at least two national board meetings a year.

This is a two-year term that starts January 2018 and ends December 2019.

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Join us for Dim Sum Saturday on Oct. 22

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Come join us at 11 a.m. Oct. 22 at Joyale Restaurant at 900 S. Jackson Street in the International District inside the Pacific Rim Center. Please note the time change.

As always, friends, co-workers, former co-workers, significant others, kids, out-of-town guests, etc… more than welcome.

This will be the last Dim Sum Saturday of the year, as we break for the holidays.

We’ll all split the check, so please bring cash. Dim sum typically runs about $10-$15 per person — though we’ve been as high as $20 a person when the group has been especially hungry.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event page, so we can keep a rough headcount and know how big of a table to reserve. Hope to see you there!

Please share this event with anyone who might be interested in joining us!

We’re changing the time because the chapter board is meeting at 10 a.m. at Eastern Cafe, 510 Maynard Ave S. Please let us know if you plan to come to that meeting.

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You could serve on AAJA Seattle’s chapter board — Apply by Friday

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We are looking for a few good board members. Could that be you?

Nominate yourself or another members to serve on Seattle’s chapter board: Vice President of Events, who’s in charge of managing fundraising events for our chapter, and Treasurer, in charge of managing the chapter’s money.

We also are seeking an interim National Advisory Board Member, a one-year position to represent Seattle at the national advisory board meetings in the spring and summer.

Do you know a good candidate? You can nominate someone (including yourself) by October 14, 2016. The nominee must be a full member of AAJA. Please email us at aajaseattle@gmail.com with your nominations or questions.

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AAJA Seattle VP of Programs Jovelle Tamayo honored by The Seattle Globalist

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IMG_4416Congratulations to AAJA Seattle VP of Programs Jovelle Tamayo, who is being honored by The Seattle Globalist this week as Visual Journalist of the Year. The Globalist will host the Globies, its annual awards ceremony and fundraiser, 6 p.m. Friday Oct. 14 at the Georgetown Ballroom.

You can join the Globalist in honoring Jovelle by coming to the Globies. Tickets are still available, and AAJA members can get a $20 discount from the ticket price. Members should check the AAJA Seattle newsletter to get the code for the discounted price (and indicate you’re an AAJA member).

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Trennesia Jackson: ‘You never know who you’re sitting by’

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Trennesia Jackson, right, with Hillary Manalac, a student at San Diego State University, during the AAJA National Convention

Trennesia Jackson, a senior at the University of Washington, has been busy working the convention circuit this summer. Last month, she attended the 2014 AAJA National Convention as a recipient of AAJA Seattle’s Founders’ Scholarship. 

While at the AAJA National Convention you will meet tons of new people, make connections and make many new friends.

One of the biggest lessons I learned while at the conference is that you never know who you will sit by. While in these 50-minute to day-long workshops, you can meet some amazing people that you never would have met outside of AAJA.

While sitting in one of the pre-convention workshop, I met a producer who works on videography for the Washington Post. We started talking about what she does, how she likes her job and eventually about the software she uses. Surprisingly, she uses the exact software I use at the University of Washington: Final Cut.

Now to those of you who are videographers, this discovery may seem trivial, but to a reporter who has been doing a lot of videography work, knowing that the software you use at your college or university is  being used by established media outlets is exciting.

After talking with her, exchanging business cards and following each other on Twitter, I realized that this is probably going to happen a lot while I was there. Sure enough, I was right.

My mentor Lori Matsukawa (AAJA Seattle co-founder and anchor at KING 5) told me that while at the convention I should talk to as many people as I can and make friends.

At one event, I was walking around the ballroom trying to find people I knew, which were only a handful. After a while,  I just starting talking to people.

One of those people I will never forget, because now she’s now a friend.

“I’m here. You’re here. Hey, I’m Tre.”

Those were the first few words I said when I met Hillary Manalac, who like me, was a student interested in being an on-air television reporter.

Wherever I went, I made sure to ask her if she was going so I wouldn’t be by myself. Over workshops and different mixers I learned a lot about her and what she wanted to do. We had a lot in common.

Another thing I learned at convention is that you should always surround yourself by people who are in the specific field you want to go into. They have a lot of insight and give great advice and feedback.

Everywhere I went, I surrounded myself with people in television: reporters, directors, or producers. I sat by people Lori introduced to me, people I had just met and with their friends. Looking back, that was probably the best thing I could have done for myself.

I learned a lot of valuable information. I bounced ideas off them and asked this question:“I want to end up here, what’s the best way you think I can end up there?”

While I talked to reporter about how I’d love to be a reporter in San Francisco or Sacramento one day, he told me I had to meet his friend. A few hours later, he introduced me to a Christopher Nguyen; a journalist in Sacramento who also graduated from my school, the University of Washington.

He told me where my best bets were if I really wanted to end up being a reporter in Sacramento or San Francisco. He was very kind, funny and blunt, just like all the other reporters I met.

After talking with him for a while, he had to leave. So I scooted over closer to where everybody else was sitting and I began to speak with a woman.

I found out her husband was a news director at a station in Green Bay and his station has hired a few people out college. I told her while at the convention it’d definitely be nice to meet him.

She then turned around and started talking to the man behind her. He looked at me and smiled, “Hey, I’m Matt. I’m a news director up in Green Bay. So what is it that you want to do? Do you have a video reel I could look at?”

It are connections like these that help you get to where you want to be and make lifelong friends.

If it wasn’t for me moving down to eat my brownie cake and ice cream next to everybody, I would have never met Matt Kummer or his wife. If It weren’t for me sitting in the second row of the pre-convention workshop, I would have never met Casey Capachi, producer at PostTV. And If it weren’t for me breaking out of my comfort zone and just saying hi to Hillary, I would have never made a new friend or met other amazing people like her.

So when you are at convention, go to workshops, network, find people you know or just sit with people you don’t know and introduce yourself.

Because you never know who you’re sitting by.

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