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Job opening: Microsoft beat reporter for The Seattle Times

Former AAJA National president Sharon Chan will be moving on to the new digital frontier as producer of mobile platforms and user analytics for The Seattle Times.(Congrats, Sharon!)

With Sharon’s new career move comes a great opportunity for someone — you, perhaps? —  to cover Microsoft for The Seattle Times.

Here’s the job posting:

The Seattle Times Business staff is seeking a hard-driving, enterprising reporter to cover one of the most influential corporations in the world: Microsoft. This reporter should have considerable experience covering business and/or technology and should take pride at being ahead of not only local competitors, but the national media as well. He or she must be skilled at working with financial documents, understanding technology, building sources and breaking through a PR machine second to none. This person needs to be skilled at anticipating events, putting together stories that connect the dots and explain to our readers why these events are important. Writing abilities must be sharp and wide-ranging enough to appear regularly on A1, the Business section cover and above the fold online. This candidate should also be comfortable using a variety of tools, from capturing Web video to leveraging social media to engage readers and sources. Availability to travel is also a must.

This reporter, part of The Times’ technology team, must be able to work cooperatively with other team members, as well as peers throughout the newsroom, including photo, graphics and online. He or she will be principally responsible for daily and enterprise coverage of Microsoft’s corporate affairs, strategies, core products, personnel and workplace issues, and software industry trends. Other members of the team will contribute to coverage of the company, especially in the areas of digital media, gaming and wireless technologies. Contributions to the larger Business section staff is expected, including story ideas and suggestions for the betterment of business coverage.

If you think you are up to the challenge of covering one of our premier beats, contact Technology Editor Mark Watanabe at or at The Seattle Times, P.O. Box, 70, Seattle WA 98111.


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JOBS: Multimedia Editor, The Oregonian

Calling all photographers, videographers and multimedia producers! There’s a rare job opening at The Oregonian in Portland and what a job!

Thanks to the Mediastorm blog for posting the job.

Here’s the posting:

The Oregonian is looking for a multimedia editor to join their team of award-winning journalists.

This editor’s responsibilities will be newsroom-wide. The new Visuals team member will:

* Edit multimedia projects quickly, accurately and to the highest journalistic standards.
* Add variety and strength to our daily multimedia production — increasing the tools for reporters and photographers and broadening the expectations for viewers.
* Continue the ongoing training of reporters, photographers and editors in video technique, technical problem solving and story-telling skills.
* Serve as an advocate for multimedia projects as editorial proposals are presented.

The chosen candidate will assist with helping to focus and better implement our newsroom-wide multimedia strategy. That will include editing and coordinating everything from clip video to highly produced multimedia projects. A special emphasis will include the continuing evolution of our photo department from a focus on the still image to one that embraces multimedia daily.

Applicants must have proficiency with Final Cut Pro and DSLR cameras. Working experience in Photoshop, Motion, Soundtrack and Aperture is also a requirement. And it’s preferred to have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Flash. In addition, this person should have a grasp of all social media best practices.

Interested parties should apply electronically by sending their material to:

Randy Cox,
Director of Visual Journalism

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Keep an eye out for jobs in mobile news, product development

Posted on by sbhatt

Just days after attending a panel discussion on mobile advertising, I spotted a blog post on Poynter about news organizations hiring people to develop strategy for delivering news on mobile devices. Apparently, the Orlando Sentinel, and have each dedicated resources to paying attention to their presence on cell phones – particularly smartphones like the iPhone – with an eye toward capturing more traffic and eventually ad revenue.

And if you know how to develop mobile apps, well… let’s just say you’ve got full employment for the foreseeable future. Gannett and News Corp. are looking for mobile app developers, while The Washington Post is searching for someone with the right chops to be their new mobile product manager.

The folks in the Poynter blog post have some interesting points about the mobile platform. For years now, newspaper editors have talked about how their journalism is “platform agnostic,” which means they don’t define themselves by how they distribute their content. The leading news organizations have been cultivating their skill at leveraging the unique strengths of those platforms on big breaking news stories. The web story has immediacy, virtually infinite flexibility for updates and crowdsourcing, and viral distribution. Print has the weight of that first draft of history, lovingly composed page designs, and longer, in-depth reportage for those who make the time to appreciate it.

I love this quote:

“Having a mobile manager has helped everyone realize how we have to treat content differently on the platform,” said Roger Simmons, director of content/East Coast for Tribune Interactive. “I love the fact that at any given time the top stories on the newspaper front page, website and mobile site might all be different — all tailored to the needs and expectations of our readers.”

The next platform – mobile – offers newspapers a second chance to avoid the mistake they made with the web, according to Ken Doctor, the author of  Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get. The prevailing norm on mobile is one of paying for useful content, unlike the web browser.

“For local newspapers, this is the biggest opportunity in a decade for a do-over,” Doctor said at the ASNE convention this year.

And just the other day, the chief marketing officer of Unilever told an audience at the International Advertising Festival that the Number 2 advertiser worldwide plans to double spending on digital marketing this year. The company spent only 4 percent of its $864 million in measured media last year on Internet spending, according to an article in Advertising Age. But the company is rapidly moving to shift its marketing spend to be proportionate to the amount of time people spend with digital media.

So you do the math: How much time do you spend consuming content on your television? at your PC? on your iPhone?

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JOBS @ KING 5: Reporter, engineer, floor director

Posted on by sbhatt

Posted last month:


We are seeking an experienced, dynamic, and energetic reporter for the morning newscasts.  Must be a self-starting journalist capable of enterprise reporting.  Excellent writing and story-telling skills required.  Successful candidate must be proficient with live reporting, including breaking news situations.

College degree with minimum two years’ experience as a general assignment reporter in a medium to large market preferred.  Excellent writing, packaging, and live skills.  Must possess a broad range of reporting styles.  Demonstrated ability to work under pressure.  Must be willing to work overtime.

KING TV is a subsidiary of Belo Corp.  Belo is one of the top media companies in the country and provides a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, life insurance and 401(k).

If qualified, please send a non-returnable VHS, BETA, or DVD, and a copy of your resume and a cover letter to:




SEATTLE, WA  98109


We are seeking an Engineer for our new daytime talk show “New Day Northwest.”  Responsibilities include operating TV equipment in production and performing on-air operations to include but not limited to:  Jib camera operation, audio production, and pre-production.  May perform other duties as assigned.


High school graduate; some broadcast technical college preferred.  Minimum three years’ experience in studio production and camera operations preferred.  Must possess good communication skills, able to work under deadline pressures, good problem solving skills, and be team oriented.  Must be able to work weekday mornings.

Send a copy of your resume, and a cover letter to: HUMAN RESOURCES #K10A07, KING 5 TELEVISION, 333 DEXTER AVE N. SEATTLE, WA 98109.


We are seeking a Floor Director for our new daytime talk show “New Day Northwest.”  During live programming, responsibilities include assisting the on-air talent with cues from the Director, coordinating communications between the Director and talent in the studio, keeping the Director and Technical Director informed of any impediments which may hinder production, and assisting in some pre-production activities.


High school graduate; some broadcast technical college preferred.  Minimum two years’ production experience preferred.  Must have the ability to work under pressure deadlines with the ability to prioritize needs simultaneously.  Must have good communication skills and be team oriented.  Must be available to work weekday mornings.

Send a copy of your resume, and a cover letter to: HUMAN RESOURCES #K10A08, KING 5 TELEVISION, 333 DEXTER AVE N., SEATTLE, WA 98109.

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JOB LISTING: Digital Media professor position at Washington State University

The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash is looking for an assistant professor of communication that specializes in digital media.

The position’s responsibilities include teaching undergraduate classes that involve hands-on training in digital media content creation across multiple media platforms, including broadcast, print and Internet. Areas of expertise or research emphasis may include digital media, journalism, social media, advertising, public relations, marketing, and/or visual communication.

Click here for more details.

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