Furhana Afrid on interviewing Obama, tomato gravy and never giving up on dreams

Furhana Afrid interviewed Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Name: Furhana Afrid
Hometown: Butte, Mont., “for now until my next journalism adventure.”
Born: Nairobi, Kenya
Education: Radio and TV master’s degree from San Francisco State University
Work: Exploring new career opportunities as a backpack journalist and social media producer.
Formerly: News reporter/anchor with KXLF-TV in Montana, print reporter with California-based India-West, current affairs TV host in Nairobi, Kenya, and business sales assistant for Bayer East Africa.
AAJA member since: 2009.
Favorite book: Currently enjoying Ayaan Hirsa Ali’s “From Islam to America.”
Print or online news? Both.
Best journalism moment: “Outpouring of support offered by people in Butte, Mont., after watching my story about scores of Kenyans who were displaced and killed after post-election violence in my home town of Nairobi, Kenya, in 2008.”
Worst journalism moment: “Writing a news story about layoffs at a hospital and at the same time getting bad news I was losing my job.”
Lingo: Speaks three South Asian languages (Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu) and East African language Swahili.
Best gear: My video camera.
Twitter handle: @furhanaafrid
Check out: www.furhanaafrid.com/videos
Must-see TV: “The West Wing,”
“The Jerry Springer Show” … kidding!
No. 1 movie: “Too many. But one of my faves is ‘Slum Dog Millionaire.’”
You might not know: “I got my reporting feet wet in U.S. national politics while interviewing then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in Montana during the race for the White House in 2008.”
Favorite food: “Pakistani biryani, a slow-cooked preparation of spice-infused rice and layers of meat in a tomato and onion gravy.”
Guilty pleasure: “The darker the chocolate the better it tastes.”
Main motivation: “My hardworking parents in Kenya who started with nothing, little education, worked to the bone, educated my three sisters and I, gave us all equal opportunities to succeed in the world, and told us never to give up on our dreams.”


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