Join us for dinner with former AAJA VP George Kiriyama on Saturday, April 20

George Kiriyama AAJA calendar

Former AAJA Vice President-Broadcast, George Kiriyama, is coming through Seattle this weekend and you’re invited to join us for dinner in Capitol Hill!

Email Sharon Chan at by 5 p.m. Thursday if you would like to join us for dinner and she will email details on location and time. Dinner will cost between $20 and $30 per person, not including drinks.

George is a broadcast reporter for NBC Bay Area in California. During his term as vice president, George launched AASBJ to support Asian American student broadcast journalists, AASMBJ to help small- and mid-market broadcast journos and the Asian American Radio Group. He has mentored countless Asian American students and has a constant waiting list to critique stand-up tapes for early-career journalists and students.

If you’ve been to an AAJA convention, you may know him as organizer of the annual massive Korean BBQ night. For many years he held the most political position in AAJA: host of the convention’s karaoke night.

Read more about George in his NBC bio. Check him out on Twitter @georgekiriyama.

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