Lunar New Year 2012 in Seattle — a success!

A quick thanks to all of you who attended our AAJA Seattle Lunar New Year banquet a few weeks ago. A special thanks to Acquabar for hosting us, the  Trackademics for providing entertainment, Ava Van Photography, and up-and-coming Taiwanese American comedian Yola Lu.

A group of journalists from Canada also made it to Seattle for the event, pics below.

Touring KING5

Our guests wrote messages on the board at The Seattle Times.

From our treasurer, Mai Hoang, an update on money:

  1. Taking out the credit card fees, we made $2,270.38 on the silent auction! That is about $700 more than we we made last year! Overall, including everything else (ticket sales, dessert dash and photo booth), we made more than $5,300 in revenue! There is a couple of dessert dash payments outstanding.
  2. Expenses were a bit higher; $2,304.60 vs. $1,135.74 last year. The higher costs reflects higher food costs ($1,834.80 vs. $975) and additional expenses from the photo booth and eating the ticket fees.
  3. But in the end net revenue, including the silent auction, was $3012.91 for this year compared to $2560.76 last year.  Without the silent auction we made $689.90.  Great job everyone!
  4. This is still not a definite total as there’s still some housekeeping to do.

We’ll keep you updated on plans for the next event. See photos from the photo booth at Ava Van’s Facebook page.

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