Meet Sunny Wu, editor and ex-lifeguard

Editor’s note: This is part of a new, bi-weekly series, where Sarah will be profiling one of our AAJA members

A native-born Seattleite, Sunny Wu knows his microbrews.

Name: Sunny Wu
Hometown: A native-born Seattleite.
Education: Political science degree from University of Washington.
Work: Projects editor, MSN (starting in December).
Formerly: Editor at FOX Sports, ESPN, AOL and Lifeguard in high school.
AAJA member since: 2004.
Daily reads: The Seattle Times, The New York Times, ESPN, tech blogs, Twitter and RSS feeds.
Print or online news? Print, online, broadcast, mobile … all of the above.
Favorite book: “Depends on the book I’m reading at the moment. I’ve gravitated toward nonfiction the past few years.”
Best journalism moment: “The best moments are when I’m part of a team that breaks news, drives a story and forces everyone to play catch up. It’s especially gratifying when you’re a small organization going up against the big guys. At FanHouse, where we were competing against ESPN and FOX Sports and Yahoo!, we had those ‘wins’ every month.”
Worst journalism moment: Dealing with egos and BS.
Fave Seattle restaurant: Skillet Diner.
Top toy: “My skis. I have three pairs – one for early season, one for regular days and one for deep-powder days. It’s kind of ridiculous, I know.”
Second language: “Butchered Cantonese.”
Guilty pleasure: Bourbon.
Must-see TV: “’Freaks and Geeks,’ a Judd Apatow show that lasted only one season. Definitely check it out on Netflix (or the library) if you haven’t watched it.”
No. 1 movie: “Zoolander.”
Favorite food: “Anything my mom cooks.”
Twitter handle: @skdub
Main motivation: “It’s about creating great content that will inform and delight readers and users. That’s my goal every day.”


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