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Social Media One-Night Stand with Sree Sreenivasan set for March 18

Sree Sreenivasan

Sree Sreenivasan

AAJA Seattle is teaming up with the University of Washington Communication Leadership program, the Seattle Times and the SPJ Western Washington to host a Social Media One-Night Stand with Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University’s chief digital officer and CNET News blogger.

The event will be held March 18 at 6 p.m. at The Seattle Times. Tickets are $10. Get them before they’re gone!

We’re excited to help bring this event to Seattle.

Topics Sreenivasan will be discussing include:

  • How to deepen your connection with your audience via social media
  • New tools you must absolutely know and use
  • How to build your personal brand
  • How to find, on deadline, specific types of people you need for work
  • The best ways to increase your followers, fans, and connections
  • How to get the “right” followers, fans, and connections
  • Metrics: why you need to understand them and how you can do just that
  • Sustainable social media — how to keep from drowning in information and make time to participate efficiently

Sreenivasan has given version of this talk to CNN, NBC, ABC, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Boston Globe, Washington Post, NPR, Mediabistro and others.
He is one of AdAge’s 25 media people to follow on Twitter and one of Poynter’s 35 most influential people in social media. For more on Sreenivasan, click here.



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JOB POSTING: The Seattle Times seeks an associate editorial page editor

Spread the word to strong candidates of diverse backgrounds!

Seattle Times Associate Editorial Page Editor Job Opening

The Seattle Times Company is seeking a digital-savvy Associate Editorial Page Editor to boost the influence of the opinion pages and their engagement with the community.

As a member of the editorial board, the successful candidate will help craft the Seattle Times editorial page agenda and online strategy.

We are looking for someone with management experience to be a staff catalyst for new approaches for community dialogue. The candidate should have a demonstrated record for using social media in their journalism.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Implement an online strategy
  • Create strong, relevant Op-Ed packages
  • Oversee the production flow of the pages in print and online


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Demonstrated facility for social media and online community engagement
  • Five years experience in journalism
  • Management experience and demonstrated staff leadership skills

Apply here online


About The Seattle Times

At the Seattle Times Company, you’ll find work that matters!   We are a 115-year-old locally owned, private and independent news and information company. Founded in 1896 by Alden J. Blethen, The Seattle Times Company is a fourth- and fifth-generation family business. The Seattle Times is the largest daily newspaper in Washington state and the largest Sunday newspaper in the Northwest. Well respected for its comprehensive local coverage, The Times, winner of eight Pulitzer Prizes, is also recognized nationally and internationally for in-depth, quality reporting and award-winning photography and design. The Seattle Times Company owns affiliate newspapers in Washington state as well as a network of comprehensive online news, information and advertising websites.   

 We’re an Equal Opportunity Employer that enjoys the rich contributions of employees from a broad range of backgrounds. We offer a dynamic, drug-free work environment; work-life balance; and a competitive salary and benefits package. Learn more about us at http://www.seattletimescompany.com today! 

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Help wanted: Editor for AAJASeattle.org

Three years ago, AAJASeattle.org was re-launched on the WordPress platform. Happy birthday, AAJASeattle.org!

AAJA should be proud of this little website. It’s an important community resource in the online landscape of Pacific Northwest journalism sites. Don’t believe me? I too was shocked when a research study that came out at the 2010 Journalism That Matters conference put aajaseattle.org on the map – literally. Use the Zoom (+) button below and look at the center of the map.

Data visualization of the Pacific Northwest News Ecology, Jan 2010

Over the years, as the site’s founding editor, I’ve watched it grow and become a part of our chapter’s strategy for building community online and reaching out to members hungry for training, mentoring and jobs.

My vision for AAJASeattle.org was and still is a place for our members – especially students and freelancers – to post their profiles, share links to their stories and offer emerging, diverse journalists a platform to display their storytelling in new media (and maybe get constructive comments). I think it could realize that vision with a staff of three to five dedicated volunteers.

The chapter’s costs to keep the site up are minimal – a server hosting account and domain name – but the content our authors contribute is priceless.

The blog post items, which chronicle chapter news and turbulent times of our profession, come from members willing to donate their time. And sometimes we get photos and videos posted of chapter events.

With no advertising, no dedicated staff and sporadic blog posts, the site has attracted nearly 7,000 visits over the past year (yes, we track it using Google Analytics). We set up the site so that @aajaseattle sends out a tweet for every new post.

Now it’s time for a new editor with fresh ideas and energy to assume the duties and nurture the site’s evolution.

This is a great VOLUNTEER opportunity for anyone who hopes to be a web producer, blogger or site manager some day.

Skills you will develop as site editor:

    Blogging about a community.

    Recruiting and managing contributing writers.

    Tracking and interpreting site analytics.

    Managing the WordPress platform.

Skills we’d hope you have or are willing to learn if you want this gig:

    Knowledge of basic HTML tags and how to tag content to improve search.

    Knowledge of any blogging platform, i.e. WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr, Blogger.

    Proficiency in editing copy.

    Editorial judgment and basic understanding of libel, privacy and copyright.

The time commitment is minimal – an hour a week, perhaps – but you could spend more time if you want to create something cool. Definitely something to list on your resume when you apply for jobs at news websites.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please email Sanjay Bhatt, chapter president/aajaseattle.org editor, at sbhatt@seattletimes.com. Please write “AAJASeattle.org – Editor” in the subject line. Thanks!

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Cheezburger Network’s Ben Huh asks why we consume news like it’s 1899

Posted on by sbhatt

Ben Huh, a former AAJA member and Northwestern University journalism grad, is founder and CEO of Seattle-based Cheezburger Network. He’s recently blogged about problems he sees with how news is presented online today, and ReadWriteWeb reports on a new news platform Huh is developing – The Moby Dick Project. Be sure to add your comments to the conversation!

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JOBS: Multimedia Editor, The Oregonian

Calling all photographers, videographers and multimedia producers! There’s a rare job opening at The Oregonian in Portland and what a job!

Thanks to the Mediastorm blog for posting the job.

Here’s the posting:

The Oregonian is looking for a multimedia editor to join their team of award-winning journalists.

This editor’s responsibilities will be newsroom-wide. The new Visuals team member will:

* Edit multimedia projects quickly, accurately and to the highest journalistic standards.
* Add variety and strength to our daily multimedia production — increasing the tools for reporters and photographers and broadening the expectations for viewers.
* Continue the ongoing training of reporters, photographers and editors in video technique, technical problem solving and story-telling skills.
* Serve as an advocate for multimedia projects as editorial proposals are presented.

The chosen candidate will assist with helping to focus and better implement our newsroom-wide multimedia strategy. That will include editing and coordinating everything from clip video to highly produced multimedia projects. A special emphasis will include the continuing evolution of our photo department from a focus on the still image to one that embraces multimedia daily.

Applicants must have proficiency with Final Cut Pro and DSLR cameras. Working experience in Photoshop, Motion, Soundtrack and Aperture is also a requirement. And it’s preferred to have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Flash. In addition, this person should have a grasp of all social media best practices.

Interested parties should apply electronically by sending their material to:

Randy Cox,
Director of Visual Journalism

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